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Aidan Bosworth

With a passion for improving student learning, Aidan Bosworth, a Year 5/6 teacher at Labrador, focuses on building positive relationships, seeking professional development and selecting from the latest research into pedagogical practices to improve the outcomes for students. “He relates learning to real life or lifelike experiences. He uses his sense of humour to engage students, there is a sense of fun in his classroom. He uses whole of class, group and individual learning experiences and conversations to hook students into learning,” Head of Curriculum Marlene Kelly says.

Teaching a composite class, he ensure curriculum needs are met for both grades and assesses each student at their own level. He converses with each student to help them articulate the next steps in their learning and how to improve. He carefully selects research and evidence based pedagogical practices to improve student outcomes. “In 2018, Aidan took over a Year 6 class after Semester One. Every child in this class made across the board improvements in their Level of Achievement (LOA) grades by the end of the year,” Marlene says. Aidan has sought out feedback and opportunities for professional development, particularly around moderation so he can further his understanding of judging students’ work. Using Jigsaw and daily conversations he builds relationships with parents and involves himself in all school activities wholeheartedly. When he was at university, he volunteered his time to come into a school setting and assist teachers in classrooms. He did this often, keen to learn the craft of teaching before it ultimately became his profession. Congratulations Aidan on your nomination.

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