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Alysha Welke

In just her second year of teaching, Alysha Welke has set up learning networks with other schools in order to create a Mathematics learning and assessment program. Her collaboration has helped establish a quality curriculum in Year 11 Essential Mathematics across a number of schools. The Capalaba State College (CSC) Mathematics and Science teacher is known for her dedication to building positive relationships with students and parents, her dedication to professional development and her commitment to student outcomes.

CSC Head of Senior School Bradley French says Alysha is an excellent teacher who “is making a significant difference at Capalaba State College”. “She spends many hours developing specific resources to enhance her teaching and student learning,” Bradley says. “She also goes the extra mile with students by running additional tutorial sessions in her own time to assist anyone who needs additional time or support with their learning,” he says. “Alysha cites her work in developing positive relationships with her students as both her greatest challenge and achievement. The positive reputation she has with students is the result of her hard work, effort and time.” Her focus on positive relationship-building is reflected in her students’ good behaviour and academic outcomes. All of Alysha’s Year 9 Mathematics students achieved a result of A to C in Semester 1. Bradley says Alysha delivers engaging and thoroughly-prepared lessons to her students, is a keen and effective learner and “is always looking for opportunities to extend her learning”. Alysha also works hard in her communication with students and parents. “She sets up email groups for her classes and commences her new subjects with detailed information of unit learning, unit requirements and assessments,” Bradley says. “She then supplements this with regular updates to keep her parents and carers informed of the unit progress.” Parents have praised Alysha for her efforts.

Congratulations Alysha on your nomination.

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