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Amanda Kelk

Amanda Kelk, The Gateway Coordinator at Bundaberg Christian College, is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher of eight years known for giving every student her best. “Because she makes sure everything has a real-world application and the learning is hands-on and student-centred and the right level of challenge, the kids are super motivated. As a mum to two children who have been taught by Amanda, I have seen this first-hand,” friend Carmen McEneary says.

She has introduced many new programs to the school and her open-door policy at lunchtime for students to come and see her, ensures all children have access and opportunity to be involved in these programs. Amanda has actively networked with various groups to increase STEM opportunities and in particular, she has promoted a love of STEM thinking with girls. She has also developed and implemented a new subject in our school focused on Sustainability and Innovative Entrepreneurship, in which the students see first-hand how their innovative ideas can be developed to solve real world problems. Bridging the gap between school and community, Amanda regularly involves parents in this process. In addition to this, she has implemented an Engineering mentorship program to encourage older students to share their skills with younger students. Amanda completed a Master’s last year and keeps up to date with the latest research as well as continuing her professional development at every opportunity. It’s no secret that Amanda loves to learn! “Our school has limitations in space, resources and opportunities so Amanda has developed all of her own resources and programs, readily sharing them with everybody. She has utilised the community and people around her, along with her own creative ways to provide the students with opportunities they otherwise would not have.” Carmen says. Congratulations Amanda on your nomination.

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