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Angela Barkle

Beginning Home Economics teacher Angela Barkle has fitted right in at Emmaus College, Rockhampton. “She is ‘natural’ teacher who cares deeply for all of her students. This is evidenced in her calm and workman like classrooms where all students feel accepted and valued. Communication with students and parents has been exemplary,” Assistant Principal - Teaching and Learning Simon Warren says. With a focus on inclusivity, Angela has responded to Inclusive Curriculum documents to maximise the participation of students with disabilities. She has embedded Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander guidelines into curriculum planning.

Angela has demonstrated exemplary planning, a high level of knowledge and an understanding of selecting content according to syllabus requirements. Literacy and numeracy strategies have been incorporated into lesson plans as has meaningful use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs). Use of learning goals are evident in planning and communicated to students to support the sequencing of learning programs. A variety of teaching resources have been evidently sourced and created. “Angela taught maths for the first-time last year and the results of the students were on par with highly experienced teachers. This was a testament to her thorough preparation, her ability to follow curriculum protocols and her willingness to seek advice from her colleagues,” Simon says. “Whether as a teacher in various faculties or extra-curricular activities, she is able to quickly fit in, add her expertise and support others.” Congratulations Angela on your nomination.

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