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Angela Gibson

WoodLinks State School Prep teacher Angela Gibson understands that teaching Prep lays foundations for all core subjects and social skills and sets up flow-on effects for her students to reach regional benchmarks, especially regarding their reading ability. Angela has passionately developed her capacity for the art and science of teaching reading and Age Appropriate pedagogies in support of this. “The procedures she has put in place for students to improve their sight words and their reading are strong and have assisted in her students having a growth mindset as they carry out their learning,” Head of Mentoring Stuart Crichton says.

“Angie weaves magic and inspires the students in her care. Her resources and classroom are conducive to ensuring her students feel comfortable and have access to everything they need to succeed. She understands her students and knows their strengths and challenges. She encourages her students to achieve and to be a better person.” Using data, she tracks student progress, provides timely feedback and sets goals for her students. Angela differentiates her teaching in recognition of students’ various learning styles and interests. With her command of Australian Curriculum and her lessons scaffolded, her students are able to trust her to take risks and she provides visual display and resources for her learners. A big believer in ‘collective efficacy’, she is a team player, giving of her time and resources to other staff members. Angela has attended many workshops and sessions and engages in open classrooms so she can receive coaching. She also opens up her classroom for parents to see their children learning and their work or to be entertained by the class as a whole. The teacher also contacts parents regularly via email. “Angie epitomises the perfect teacher who is warm, caring, positively challenging, engaging and is there for her students,” Head of Mentoring Stuart Crichton says. She’s also worked with outside organisations to ensure students who need it receive support to meet appropriate social, emotional and academic goals. Congratulations Angela on your nomination.

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