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Ashleigh Fuller

Wellers Hill State School’s Ashleigh Fuller is a dedicated educator who has intentionally and actively worked to meet and improve the diverse learning needs of her students. She has partnered with various stakeholders to support children with ADHD, dyslexia, trauma, anxiety, aggression, speech impediments and ESL students with little to no English background in an inclusive practice classroom. Wellers Hill State School Head of Mentoring Stuart Crichton says Ashleigh has varied her pedagogy and refined her behaviour management strategies to engage and support her students.

“She has identified the learning needs and types of her students and has used a socio-matrix data tool to deepen her knowledge of the social idiosyncrasies within her classroom. She backwards maps her units of work and is able to teach in a sequence, while at the same time, differentiates the curriculum which enables access of learning for her students,” Stuart says.  Additionally, to meet the needs of all of her students, Ashleigh has differentiated how she presents and delivers the content to her students in every lesson. Students are also given the opportunity to enrich their learning with collaborative work with their peers, become 'experts' on topics and teach their class or younger grades as well as work independently on tasks that meet their learning needs. This has cultivated a sense of self and belief that they can be successful.   Ashleigh unpacks the expected outcomes with students, allowing them to know how they can improve their work, set goals for themselves and take ownership of their learning, which has significantly lifted student’s academic performance. At the end of each unit, she measures growth against A-E standards and targets set by the Metropolitan  Region. For NAPLAN preparation Ashleigh devised and executed a variety of literacy and numeracy discussions and paper and digital activities to ensure her students were prepared. An advocate for being observed, Ashleigh has opened up her classroom to observers and has made use of the mentoring program. She has sought feedback and taken on board advice given to improve student outcomes.  To promote learning and positive behaviour Ashleigh has actively engaged with her students’ families.  She regularly calls parents and sends individual emails, letters, photos and postcards home to celebrate student growth and success. Ashleigh has built an enhanced sense of community and her warm personality encourages others to invest in the aims of her teaching. “She has gone out of her way to seek support for some of her students in order for them to identify as learners and to take ownership of their behaviour and academic journey. She has continued to enrich her knowledge, ways to engage her students and how to sequence lessons in order to improve outcomes,” Stuart says.  Congratulations Ashleigh on your nomination.

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