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Ashleigh Hopkins

Woodridge State High School teacher Ashleigh Hopkins is pursuing her goal to see students succeed at Woodridge State High School. Recently graduated, she doesn’t just use what she learnt at university but seeks out other learning and generates innovative ideas. Through her energetic approach to community connections, students in her class have steadily improved in behaviour and performance. Since becoming Year 7 Co-ordinator she has developed a range of strategies that have increased their behaviour and effort grades and seen the cohort obtain 92.9 per cent attendance.

Able to reflect on ways she can improve and displaying an emotional awareness, she is able to forge relationships with students, their parents and carers that benefit their learning. Ashleigh creates opportunities for her students to gain real world knowledge in order to be successful. “Ashleigh has developed cohort and faculty initiatives to engage students in their education. She has led teachers and support staff to use a range of strategies to increase student attendance, effort and behaviour. Ashleigh has worked with staff across the school to develop collegial relationships that improve the efficacy of teacher practice,” Deputy Principal Megan Landbeck says. Ashleigh utilises student data and formative assessment strategies to inform her practice and contributes to the faculty’s data walls. She has led development of future-focussed, high expectancy curriculum in their faculty team and in line with the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). Pursuing professional learning externally, Ashleigh has also participated in the school’s Professional Learning Team culture and built a strong relationship with her mentor, helping to establish good pedagogy and practice. With peers and mentors, she has done learning walks, observations and reflective conversations. Congratulations Ashleigh on your nomination.

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