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Ashley Naude

Ashley Naude, who teaches History, Geography and English at Windaroo Valley State High School, has developed an impressive knowledge base and pedagogical practice in the short time she has been teaching. According to her colleagues, Ashley’s presence in the classroom is one of energy and positivity. Ashley has developed positive relationships with her students, which enables her to then set high standards and expectations in order to motivate their learning. Her efforts are obvious in her students’ results: most are achieving between an ‘A’ and ‘B’ and those who are not, are supported diligently by Ashley.

Students in Ashley’s classes are engaged, as she is able to carefully cater for each of their learning needs while also challenging them to extend themselves to a new level of rigour. To support her students, Ashley monitors learning carefully, and analyses students’ results carefully to plan necessary interventions. She ensures parents and carers are kept informed, and seeks parental involvement when students are not performing as expected. In reporting to parents, Ashley is able to provide a detailed overview of student performance, identify gaps in learning, and explain in detail, ways to resolve the issues identified.  While Ashley is clearly exceeding expectations, she continues to develop her practice. Ashley reads a great deal of educational literature pertaining to teaching and learning. In particular, she has a strong grasp of John Hattie’s works, and is able to apply this learning to her own classroom and support others to do the same. Ashley is a valued member of the English department and has contributed significantly to a number of academic initiatives. Outside of school, Ashley has established a number of after school activities, attends school functions and is an active member of the community. Congratulations, Ashley, on your nomination.

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