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Brenton Campbell

Brenton Campbell has spearheaded several projects for middle school students at Sheldon College, which have engaged them in multiple disciplines and pushed them academically, emotionally and socially. He has worked collaboratively with English, Technology and Science staff on the Shining Lights project which involved Year 7 students working in teams to create renewable light sources designed for people in third world countries who are dealing with energy poverty. ​  In Year 8 he has been a key figure in the Perspectives project, where students are encouraged to independently express their view of the world using multiple forms of media, including virtual reality.

He has been driving improved literacy results by implementing elements of different strategies which are underpinned by evidence-based pedagogy. By setting clear goals, in consultation with students, Brenton celebrates learning successes. By drawing upon his multiple disciplines, including his background as a drama teacher, he has enhanced the learning experience of students and the repertoire of his staff. Brenton believes firmly in the idea of growth mindset, a philosophy he fosters with staff and students. He encourages reflection and growth in pedagogy through observation and feedback strategies that align with school standards and those of the QCT.  He is consistently available for staff and goes “above and beyond” in his support of staff wishing to challenge themselves by experimenting with different pedagogy in their classrooms.  This support is also evident in his dealings with students, who treat him with reverence due to his kind and caring personality. Congratulations Brenton on your nomination.

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