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Breye Buckland

Prep teacher Breye Buckland is noted for her friendly demeanour around St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and has forged strong connections to families and fellow staff members. In particular, she has made use of parent knowledge in classes. She successfully implemented a formative assessment tool (Essential Assessment), giving her a place to start from to teach maths concepts. Working from data, Breye designed targeted learning and collaborated with fellow teachers to guide learning experiences—resulting in measurable results in every child.

​“It is evident when visiting her learning space, that the children are engaged in hands on experiences which she is able to then facilitate reflection on to make connections. I have witnessed her providing feedback to learners to prompt ways to improve”, Principal Gavin Rick says. She has collaborated with diversity staff to learn more and implement strategies for students with disabilities. She has confidently led family induction sessions, engagement interviews and has helped to develop the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) Pit club. In addition to completing further study, she has engaged in professional learning, including participating in a study tour to New Zealand and continually implementing changes to her practice.    “Her contributions to the whole of school move from traditional to siloed teaching to contemporary and collaborative ways is notable. She has been open and willing to take healthy risks, self-assess and then adjust her practice. Her passion for and commitment to STEM Is outstanding”, Gavin says. Congratulations Breye on your nomination.

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