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Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy is a first-year teacher at Bremer State High School, and already is demonstrating a quality of practice above and beyond her years. Brittany knows her students well, and this ensures she can design tailored, differentiated learning activities for her students. As the Grade 8 Geography Coordinator, Brittany has modernised and diversified student learning by rewriting the subject’s unit plans and assessments and created teaching resources to support her colleagues in delivering the lesson content.

Through tracking student performance every day, Brittany is able to identify where additional assistance is needed and where students need to be challenged. In knowing her students’ interests and backgrounds, she is able to make learning motivating and interesting. Her success in this way is evidenced by the excellent rapport she has with students, and the dramatic increase in academic success in her class. Brittany also recognises the importance of strong school-to-home communication, and effectively engages with parents and carers to support her students. Despite her success, Brittany recognises she is a beginning teacher. She therefore actively seeks assistance and advice from her colleagues, and takes on any opportunities to have her lessons observed by a peer or to engage in professional learning. For example, when Brittany experienced some particular behaviour problems in one class, she researched diligently and sought advice from others to improve her practice in that context. Her hard work paid off, and Brittany has improved her practice with respect to behaviour management dramatically. Brittany has made a significant impression on her colleagues at Bremer State High School. She has earned the respect of senior teachers for her progressive and pedagogically appropriate use of ICT methods, and her generosity in supporting others to also integrate ICT in their own classrooms by running professional development programs in her own time. Congratulations Brittany on your nomination.

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