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Cajetan Goves

Cajetan Goves, a teacher for the past 32 years, is an established figure of the Emmaus College community in Rockhampton. A Visual Arts teacher with a genuine love of his subject and what it can do, he even organises drawing classes for his colleagues and the wider community. Cajetan and his students have been nominated for and won prizes for their art at local, regional and state competitions. ​He has designed and built the sets for school musicals for many years and introduced the ‘Turning on The Talent’ night which has occurred every year since the early 2000s.

The Talent’ involves visual art displays, subject showcases and student performances. “He also has the ability to get to know his students informally so that he can find a way to engage his students in all aspects of the courses he teaches,” Assistant Principal Simon Warren says. He has been involved in many extra-curricular activities over his years of service, including taking numerous sporting teams to events and outdoor education camps. Cajetan has always been an early adopter of new ideas and processes and a big believer in using student data to inform his teaching.

​“Much loved teacher, highly regarded colleague and an integral part of the college community over the decades,” Simon says.

​Congratulations Cajetan on your nomination.

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