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Caleb Chavez

At Woodridge State High School (SHS), where students and staff come from over 60 cultural backgrounds and 70 per cent of students have English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D), English teacher Caleb Chavez is proving himself a highly skilled professional with a clear passion to see every student succeed. Caleb has adopted the school’s philosophy of “a ‘life of choice, not chance “. “He takes every opportunity to build relationships with parents and carers and is recognised by students as a caring and enthusiastic educator. Students feel seen and understood by Caleb”, Deputy Principal Megan Landbeck says. Working in the school’s established Intensive Language Centre, Caleb supports students to develop their language acquisition and progress their education. He connects them to real-world learning experiences that will set them up for success. His teaching practice is informed by a deep knowledge of language acquisition and a range of pedagogical practices. His approach is also informed by utilising data on students’ performance and formative assessment. “As part of this, Caleb works with his team mates to progress students through the Bandscales to ensure they have access to education that will lead to the best outcomes for their future. Caleb has consistently shown a willingness to develop curriculum in line with Bandscales and Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) [requirements]. He has voluntarily sought feedback from his peers and is able to construct differentiated teaching experiences that engage Woodridge (SHS) students,” Megan says. Caleb has actively sought out professional learning opportunities and established strong relationships with mentors. He has participated in the school’s Professional Learning Team culture and sought professional learning externally. Caleb demonstrates value in intentional collaboration across a range of teams in the school.  Congratulations Caleb on your nomination.

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