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Carly Williams

Described as “a machine” when it comes to addressing planning and curriculum, Carly Williams is also inspiring her colleagues, and is changing students’ lives, with her approach to behaviour management. The WoodLinks State School (WSS) teacher has spent many hours researching and attending professional development to build her capacity as a Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) coach. WSS Head of Mentoring Stuart Crichton says he has witnessed a big attitudinal change in many students with considerable social, academic and behavioural needs thanks to Carly.

“Her open and honest communication allows students to ask questions, set goals and to challenge themselves,” Stuart says. “She creates a positive classroom by including individual reward systems and personalised goals. Carly also provides individualised lunchtime behaviour charts, effective chill out spaces in the classroom and allows those with needs individual time to reflect and to compose themselves while being monitored,” he says. “Carly has been instrumental in creating a Safe Space program for ‘red zone’ students during lunch breaks. This program provides students the opportunity to practice social and emotional skills, while allowing for a team approach to case managing complex student behaviours. “Carly ‘owns’ PBL and uses this to make meaningful relationships with students in her class, and throughout the wider school community.” The Year 5 teacher has an intrinsic motivation “to be more” and her lesson planning has been described as “laser-like”. Carly sets high expectations for her students and is an advocate of using data to understand the students in her care. She also supports many early career teachers. “Carly’s dedication to the roll out of PBL has enabled other less experienced teachers to feel comfortable to seek support,” Stuart says. “As a result of her dedication she has ensured that there has been a seamless roll out of profiling, professional development and modelled lessons within the school,” he says. “Carly willingly takes on a challenge and has been able to quietly weave magic behind the scenes while at the same time contributing to the professional enhancement of our staff.” Congratulations Carly on your nomination.

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