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Casey Walton

Pialba State School teacher Casey Walton is always looking for a way to engage and improve the learning of her composite class of Years 1 and 2 students. Casey has a strong belief based on research that relationships with school and community are of vital importance in her teaching. She knows all of her students’ interests to ensure their participation. Academic results have shown improvement as a result of her ability to engage and reading levels are up following use of the spelling program Speech Sound Pics.

Casey likes to create hand-made resources and make use of colour in her lessons. Groups are also of paramount importance, enabling communication across all avenues while learning is occurring. Casey talks to colleagues and has regular meetings with them where modelled lessons are embedded. As teaching partner Lisa Johnston notes, “Casey attends all available professional development to enhance her knowledge of students’ learning and how to implement it in her classrooms.” Casey has an open-door policy to encourage conversations with all. She has a good knowledge of curriculum and a commitment to provide her students with quality education. Casey keeps an open mind to improving her practice and focuses on how to best motivate others. She makes sure all her students receive the best support they need. Congratulations Casey on your nomination.

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Larsen Veronica
Larsen Veronica
Aug 25, 2022

Since her return to Lancaster in 2016, she has been performing her own songs and covers from a wide range of genres at local venues such as bars, restaurants, wineries, and private parties canuckle.

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