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Derek Jervis

Derek Jervis works in a pretty unique context, but despite working outdoors all day long, like any other teacher he is playing a critical role in student learning and personal growth. Derek is the Director of Brisbane Grammar School Outdoor Education and in this role displays not only excellence in teaching practice, but excellence in leadership too. In his role, Derek is responsible for developing outdoor education units for students that will build teamwork skills, confidence and leadership. He draws from cohort data to get a better understanding of who his students are and their performance in school, and uses this information to develop highly sophisticated experiences in his outdoor education programs. As a result of his hard work, students meet the specific learning objectives, and their independence, teamwork, confidence and leadership skills improve. Derek leads by example and actively collaborates on lesson plans and pedagogy with his Outdoor Education colleagues. He ensures that, in constructing learning experiences, his team take account of the Brisbane Grammar School Learning Framework. Derek is constantly seeking to improve his practice, and has attended a number of national conferences around outdoor education to maintain currency of practice.  Derek engages professionally with colleagues, parents and guardians, sending updates and information regularly to ensure connection between outdoor education and the classroom. He played a key role in the purchase of a new property for the development and long term security of the Outdoor Education program and has ensured regulatory compliance of the properties development, the expeditions and other activities. He has also negotiated for and satisfied the requirements of the first private swimming area in a South East Queensland water asset. Derek plays a special and unique role at Brisbane Grammar School. Congratulations Derek on your nomination.

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