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Dr Ragnar Purje

Cooroy State School Year 1 teacher and neuroscientist Dr Ragnar Purje has contributed to the field of education for several years both as a scholar and as a practitioner. He is the author of ‘Responsibility Theory’, a brain-based, immersive, self-talk learning program which through trials is achieving positive outcomes for both staff and students. It can also be applied outside of education to any organisation or individual interested in advancing their well-being and dealing with negativity. The motto of the program is, “If I can change my thinking, I can change my behaviour and my life.”  ​Ragnar’s PhD thesis added to the lexicon of human biology two new terms, the first being neurofluidity which relates to cascading neurological processes that lead to brain plasticity.

The second is Hólos which provides a category, maybe for the first time in history, that unifies the brain and body with one word as opposed to two separate entities. For a number of years now, Responsibility Theory has been used as a standard text for preservice graduate teachers at the CQUniversity School of Education and the Arts under the direction of Professor Ken Purnell. All up, Ragnar has eleven university qualifications, ranging from a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physical Education) from Victoria University in 1980 to a PhD from Central Queensland University (CQU) in 2016. He is an Adjunct Lecturer at CQUniversity, regularly presents at conferences and is published in scholarly journals around the world. He is also an esteemed member of the traditional martial arts form Goju Karate-Do. Congratulations Ragnar on your nomination.

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