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Dylan Bowyer

Science and Maths teacher Dylan Bowyer is working hard to make a difference at Woodridge State High School. “Dylan established himself as a teacher with a clear intent and purpose – every student succeeding,” Deputy Principal Megan Landbeck says. Displaying emotional intelligence and self-reflection he has developed a rapport with students and worked alongside parents to create good outcomes. Dylan works hard to create learning opportunities that give real world knowledge to his students.

“Through Dylan’s methodical approach to his classroom practice, he has seen steady improvement in his students’ effort and behaviour results. Particularly for students on an Individual Curriculum Plan (ICP), with the majority receiving a C or higher at age level appropriate curriculum.” Megan says. Continuing to read and research he has developed curriculum in line with the new Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) and continues to develop pedagogical practice. As a year level curriculum co-ordinator, he led writing, updating and reviewing Teaching Learning Assessment Plans (TLAPs) and also led the trial and use of formative assessment strategies across the faculty. He has pursued professional learning both within and outside of his school and developed a strong relationship with his mentor. He has volunteered in learning walks, peer observations and reflective conversations with others. A year level curriculum coordinator he has led reviews of Teacher Learning and Assessment Plans (TLAPs). Congratulations Dylan on your nomination.

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