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Gemma Dale


Dr Gemma Dale of Somerville House is committed to securing the success of her students in STEM. A highly qualified practitioner, who holds Masters qualifications in Science and Education and a Doctorate in Education, Gemma has an unwavering dedication to her students that is admirable.

In the school community, Gemma has taken steps to introduce two important and pioneering initiatives to support students in STEM. The Allwood Society, which is a program of alumnae guest speakers, is designed to spark interest in STEM careers amongst students. SomerMed is an initiative designed to create opportunities for students intending to undertake tertiary studies in health industries.

In the classroom, Gemma’s teaching practice is most aptly described by Somerville Principal Mrs Kim Kiepe: “She demonstrates the highest level of commitment and energy as a teacher, always willing to go the extra mile for students both in and outside the classroom. Gemma demonstrates an acute understanding of the importance of teacher/student connections as evidenced in the strong, positive relationships she establishes with the girls through her positive teaching approaches.”

Gemma dedicates significant time to planning lessons and supporting students. She sources evidence and data from scientific journals to integrate into her teaching, and offers small group tutorials and digital feedback to ensure students’ individual learning needs are met.

Gemma’s reflective practice and successful outcomes in the classroom are due to her willingness to go well above and beyond for her students, as well as her nurturing of a classroom environment that promotes an overall love of learning and scientific literacy through curiosity, problem-solving, collaboration and intellectual risk-taking.

Her intuitive understanding of the value of positive student/teacher relationships is realised in her daily interactions and classroom practice. The high regard in which she is held by parents and students alike is testament to the time she dedicates to her teaching. Often, when students are asked to share a 'good news' story about their experience in a classroom, Gemma's name is mentioned with great respect and appreciation.

Outside the classroom, Gemma is recognised as a leader in science education, and has made significant contributions to educational publications. She has been the lead author of the Cambridge Science for Queensland Series (Years 7 to 10), and the Cambridge Checkpoints for QCE Biology Units (1-4).

Congratulations Gemma on being shortlisted for the TEACHX Excellence in Teaching Award.

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