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Glen Cummins

Mathematics is a subject that can divide people. However, for the students in Glen Cummins’ class at Emmaus College in Rockhampton, Mathematics is not so daunting – it’s enjoyable! Glenn has extensive experience teaching Mathematics. This experience has provided him with an extensive and detailed knowledge and understanding of his subject area, its curriculum, best-practice pedagogies, and an ability to make even the most difficult concepts attainable for students. His lessons are, as a result, enjoyable, rigorous and engaging. Students in Glenn’s class and their parents tend to agree that his strong knowledge and skill base, combined with an authentic empathy for students, enables him to teach in a way that is valued an appreciated. Students from Years 7 to 12 are supported and cared for in Glenn’s Mathematics classes, and his passion for the subject motivates those students to themselves pursue careers that directly or indirectly require Mathematics. Not only does Glenn shine in the classroom, he is also a quiet and unassuming leader. This was most recently demonstrated with the introduction of the new senior curriculum. Glenn worked diligently to support his colleagues in the implementation of the new syllabus. Further, he demonstrates excellent relationships with all members of the colleague community. He is highly regarded by his colleagues, students and their families and is generous in offering additional tutorials and coaching for students. A charismatic teacher, who uses music, magic and an array of ICT in the classroom, Glenn is much loved by his school community. His nomination is recognition of the important role he plays as a teacher of Mathematics and the role he plays as an exemplary member of staff more generally. Congratulations on your nomination, Glenn!

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