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Jade Travis

Jade Travis teaches Years 3 to 10 at Miriam Vale State School while continuing her studies in a Master of Education program. What she learns from her studies she regularly passes on to the Principal and the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) team with suggestions and recommendations for what can be implemented amongst colleagues. Jade knows the content of her subjects and how to best engage her students, including moderating lessons and the use of student feedback. She makes use of the latest validated research to improve her practice.

“In response to a range of concerns at lunchtime, Jade developed and implemented hands on games and activities for students from Prep [to] Year 10. These games not only focused on engagement but on educational outcomes for her students,” colleague Nathan Pellin says. Amongst the professional development she has completed was the Rock and Water program (designed for young people to build their self-awareness and self-confidence). Now she delivers Rock and Water weekly for the school. Jade is also a member of the Queensland College of Teachers’ Beginning and Early Career Teacher Reference Group (QBECT), a professional forum to support beginning teachers. Jade consistently talks to students and parents about any concerns in the classroom. As the PBL communications officer for the school, Jade delivers a weekly newsletter and ensures PBL focuses are visible throughout the school community. She runs the student council which hosted events this year that raised funds for the whole student body. Jade has also run secondary-focused wellbeing days, primary school dance groups, overnight camps and inter-school sport. She has volunteered her time to run Active after school sports outside of school hours. Congratulations Jade on your nomination.

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