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Jade Travis

Miriam Vale State School

Jade Travis has a passion for supporting others to be the best they can be. After a successful career in the fitness industry, Jade made the leap to the teaching profession and hasn’t looked back. Jade loves the diversity of her role; in the same day she can be found on the local beach teaching Marine Biology and at the pool teaching Prep students how to swim. For Jade though, the students are the best part of teaching.

“There is nothing more heart-warming than seeing a student overcome a barrier or challenge, and knowing that you were able to help them to do that.”

Jade also has a strong interest in student wellbeing, and appreciates how much impact student wellbeing has on academic success. For this reason, Jade is completing a Master’s degree in Guidance Counselling while she teaches, with the view to moving into a role that will enable her to support student wellbeing even more.

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