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Jenna Hughes

Starting school can be really hard without the right preparation, but the diverse group of students in Jenna Hughes Prep class couldn’t be better supported. Jenna’s class of 29 students, nine of whom have a disability, are truly nurtured academically, socially and personally. In working with physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists, Jenna has worked hard to build an inclusive classroom which provides every student the opportunity to participate and grow.

Every element of the classroom and teaching is considered and planned carefully to set students up for success. To make sure her students have the best possible start at school, she works closely with her colleagues to ensure a streamlined transition to Year 1. Her work in this area includes the introduction of ‘Morning Moves’, greater community and family engagement, strengthening students’ emotional wellbeing, and working closely with parents to meet individual leaners’ needs. Jenna has seen great success for students and families as a result of her hard work in this area. Jenna is highly respected by parents and her school community, and takes on every opportunity to develop professionally. Congratulations Jenna on your nomination.

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