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Karla Portch

In being welcomed to Karla Portch’s classroom, you could expect to observe her drawing from evidence-based practices to ensure her students’ needs are met. It is highly likely she would be implementing a practice or technique she recently read about or learnt about during professional development. Students in Karla’s class would be engaged and motivated, as she is able to differentiate lessons to ensure every student experiences success and challenge in her class.

As a beginning teacher, Karla’s knowledge and implementation of John Hattie’s approaches is admirable, and she is able to provide robust and actionable feedback for students across all year levels. Karla’s learning objectives are clear, and her students are aware of expectations and understand how to meet them. In order to extend herself professionally, Karla was deeply involved in the Independent Schools Queensland Innovative Curriculums projects which were run in 2018, and has been a professional learning leader at her school. Moreover, she has embraced the use of digital technology in the classroom and has quickly developed a reputation as an expert in this area. Karla is a career changer, and her ability to manage family commitments with beginning to teach is commendable. Congratulations on your nomination, Karla!

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