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Kylie Linforth

Although Kylie Linforth is the Assistant Principal – Curriculum at St Francis Catholic Primary School, that doesn’t mean she is no longer in the classroom. In fact, Kylie manages this role with her role as classroom teacher for a combined Years 5 and 6 class. In her teaching practice, Kylie designs and implements explicit learning experiences. She selects and uses content and resources for English and Mathematics lessons that are appropriate to the strengths and needs of the individual students from diverse backgrounds.  Kylie shows a keen interest in boys’ education and by researching best practice, incorporates strategies into her lessons to best engage all learners in her class.

Kylie knows that a student-centered approach to teaching and learning will have a great impact on student outcomes. To support students to achieve, Kylie sets high expectations for them. She has worked collaboratively with students to establish learning goals in Mathematics, English and Wellbeing, and communicates these with parents. Kylie’s knowledge of the curriculum is detailed, and she gathers information about student learning each year in order to tailor the curriculum to their needs. She knows clearly how much students should be growing every year and is able to differentiate and adjust her practice accordingly. Kylie conducts extensive and targeted planning to do this, and works with her colleagues to support them to do the same. Kylie is constantly seeking to develop her own practice, and as a member of the leadership team, constantly encourages others to do so too. Kylie also helps build engagement with the parent community at the school through initiatives such as Parent Lounge and See Saw, and spends significant time building relationships and trust with communities. Congratulations on your nomination, Kylie!

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