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Leah Hammond

The transition to Prep can be challenging without the right preparation socially and emotionally. However, the diverse group of students in Leah Hammond’s class, which she shares with a colleague, couldn’t be better supported. Leah has been instrumental in ensuring parents and the community are able to support their children in making the transition to school. For some students who have a disability or social and emotional difficulties, this transition can be particularly hard. However, thanks to Leah’s work, all students are supported in the transition to school socially, emotionally, academically and physically.

Leah has been able to build a highly inclusive and considered learning environment in which every child can grow and learn. Each detail of the classroom and teaching space is considered and planned carefully to set students up for success. She, along with her teaching partner, has been a leader in adopting non-restrictive practices for students which has led to the development of personal boundaries for SWD students through peer modelling. Also, to make sure her students have the best possible start at school, she works closely with her colleagues to ensure a streamlined move to Year 1. She has implemented a common whole-school practice, ‘Morning Moves’ into her classroom, engaged closely with parents and families about the transition and has worked closely with parents of high need students. Thanks to her efforts, Leah has seen wonderful results when her students go on to succeed in Prep. Leah is highly respected by parents and her school community, and takes on every opportunity to develop professionally. Well done on your nomination, Leah!

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