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Lee Freeman

The teaching of Aerospace systems is a specialist field representing an industry that is constantly on the advance. That means Lee Freeman, lead teacher of Aerospace Systems at Miami State High School for more than ten years, can’t rest on his laurels. Not that he would even conceive it: part of the joy of his subjects, which include Maths and Science, is the constant innovation taking place. When drones became prevalent, he introduced a unit on them and purchased two drones for use in teaching. Like all teachers he’s never stopped learning and seeking new ways to engage students.

Spending his time and money to help build resources and opportunities for his students is not uncommon. This year he purchased twelve flight yoke controllers and was able to obtain laptops so his students could complete flight simulation assessment. They were now able to learn to fly from the cockpit and understand instrumentation and controls like never before. Wherever possible, Lee makes learning relevant and interactive for his students. For example, when teaching a unit on airport operation, he organised an excursion to a local airport and Kingsford Smith Aviation Museum. He maintains professional connections to keep up on developments and provide work experience opportunities for his students. Currently he has also been formally studying further aerospace-related education courses to increase his knowledge. This required many hours of study and sitting formal exams on weekends. For the past four years he has been involved in writing Aerospace curriculum in Queensland and in 2018 Lee was part of a panel tasked with writing the new syllabus. Lee provides assessment that is varied and will challenge even high-achieving students. He has helped senior students achieve outstanding OP results. He has also nominated students to enter the Boeing aerospace awards program competition and secured winning students almost every year. He has provided references for others to help them gain advanced entry into university courses. “Lee is an extremely professional individual. Having witnessed his interactions with students and parents on many occasions I can clearly state that you will not find a more respectful, understanding and good-natured person,” Mark says. Lee makes himself available outside of class to provide extra support to students, offering extensive feedback and providing tuition for juniors at the Miami “Maths Club”. He continually encourages his students to take flight. Congratulations Lee on your nomination.

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