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Liara Lodder

After just one year of teaching, Liara Lodder has been given leadership roles as a result of her innovative practice and program design. Her students are also achieving remarkable academic outcomes thanks to her engaging pedagogy. The Centenary State High School (CSHS) Drama, Media and Film and Television Teacher is now a leader of curriculum development across multiple subjects. Liara has also been made the lead teacher in the school’s Arts Excellence Program—Performance Plus restructure.

CSHS teacher and mentor Claire Tuton says Liara has a passion for her subject areas and the teaching profession, and is dedicated to catering for her students in order to achieve academic success. “Liara’s dedication to teaching and learning is evidenced by the student outcomes achieved in her classes,” Claire says. “There is an improvement from 2018 to 2019 in students achieving an A result in her classes, which is a direct result of her targeted evaluation of her teaching practices,” she says. At the end of Semester 1, 96 per cent of students in Liara’s junior classes had achieved a grade of A to C. In one of those classes, the extension class, 75 per cent of students achieved an A.   Liara has been praised for her reflection on her teaching practices, her research into new and innovative Information and Communication Technology practices to engage students, her professional communication with parents, carers, colleagues and the community, and her ongoing  commitment to professional development. She is an active member of professional associations including Drama Queensland and the Australian Teachers of Media, Queensland. Liara also contributes to the school’s website, newsletter and other marketing avenues. Congratulations Liara on your nomination.

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