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Lisa Stewart

St James Lutheran College teacher Lisa Stewart has developed a unique learning and teaching programme for her Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) students. The programme includes a Year 9 Unit Plan and Assessment, a Student Field Visit and Teacher Companion Booklets. The booklets contain contextual information regarding World War I and an inventory of artefacts which have been explicitly mapped to the curriculum and are housed at the Maryborough Military and Colonial Museum. The programme has been presented at the Queensland History Teachers’ Association Annual Conference and endorsed by many, including history teachers and the Director of the Australian War Memorial.

The English and History secondary school teacher differentiates her teaching to match the specific learning needs of students and has developed effective scaffolding strategies that assist students to acquire and apply knowledge. Her peers have noted an increase in student literacy and engagement and in collaboration amongst themselves. Learning experiences are made relevant and authentic to students and promote inquiry and a love of learning. Lisa makes students feel welcome and valued, understanding that the relationship a teacher shares with a student is the foundation upon which good learning occurs. She actively engages with parents and caregivers to share concerns and work collaboratively with her. She has been appointed as Lead Endorser (Essential English) for the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority assessment submission quality assurance process. For the College she writes grant applications and ancillary submissions. “She also advocates for and readily displays the capacity to work co-operatively and collaboratively with her colleagues,” nominator and Subject Leader Mathematics Narelle Morris says. Lisa also is happy to help the College engage with and support the larger community. As Education Consultant for Fraser Coast Tourism & Events she continues to develop teaching programmes for schools in the region and further afield, including education products for the Maryborough Military Museum relating to World War II and the Vietnam War. For the upcoming World Whale Conference being held in Hervey Bay she has developed a Marine Studies teaching resource. Lisa has been invited to submit an article for publication in the Q-History publication related to her work in engaging with primary sources and Australia’s military past. She has also been invited to sit on the judging panel for the 2019 ANZAC Day Essay prize. Congratulations Lisa on your nomination.

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