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Louise Becker

Prep students at Bucasia State School are certainly lucky, as their teacher goes above and beyond expectations on a daily basis. Louise Becker is a creative and passionate teacher with a committed focus on catering for the learning needs of every student in her class. In entering Louise’s classroom, one would be welcomed with learning walls full of content co-constructed with students, and students would be actively focused and engaged in meaningful learning experience drawn from the Australian Curriculum and cleverly tailored and differentiated by Louise.

Louise knows each of her students’ learning needs, but also their personal interests, ambitions and fears. She uses this knowledge to help her support and challenge them as individuals. The results of her efforts are evident in students’ grades: 95% of her students achieved a C or higher in Semester One 2019. As a highly experienced teacher, Louise actively shares her expertise with other teachers and is committed to mentoring beginning and preservice teachers. She also recognises the importance of social and emotional development of students and engaging in the wider community. For this reason, she takes her students to a local nursing home, were students were able to entertain and talk to residents. Louise’s care, consideration and passion for teaching and learning certainly rubs off on her students. Congratulations on your nomination, Louise!

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