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Margaret Warren

​In her Year 1 class at Sunnybank Hills State School, teacher Margaret Warren fosters in her students the importance of respect, friendship and teamwork. After 20 years in the profession Margaret uses her knowledge and skills to handle any situation and improve the learning environment for all her students. A parent of one of her students, Sammy Lau, believes one of Margaret’s skills is to understand the strengths of her students and encourage them to overcome challenges.

“For example, she saw that my son used his initiative to pack, tidy and stack the iPads for his classmates. She recognised his efforts and allowed him to be in charge of the iPads. This helped create a positive relationship between teacher and student. My son struggled to progress in reading throughout the year. Her suggestions and strategies have helped my son progress,” Sammy says. Margaret uses a range of tools to understand the learning needs and starting points of students. “She is fair and encourages parents to get involved to help better understand the student's behaviour. Her prompt response to our concerns is valuable and helps parents better understand the need of our kids,” Sammy says. Margaret is also noted for her availability, always replying promptly to any communication. The classroom teacher has taken on leadership roles as Year 1 Co-ordinator and attends regular professional development sessions. Congratulations Margaret on your nomination.

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