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Megan Domonji

Megan is a co-teacher at Eagleby State School who works tirelessly with teachers in Years 3 – 6 to make sure that every student’s learning needs are responded to. Megan is a highly skilled and flexible practitioner who is constantly seeking new ways to challenge and support students, and to extend her suite of pedagogical practices. Megan works closely with her colleagues to collect and use student data to inform evidence-based interventions, and extend student learning. She is a reflective practitioner, who is consistently reflecting on and sharing her practices with colleagues. Megan is the driver of numeracy at Eagleby State School. Her sophisticated knowledge and expertise in numeracy is highly valued at the school and she does significant work to support the use of numeracy indicators from Prep to Year 6. She is also the driving force behind the successful professional development program at Eagleby State School; she has presented a number of development sessions each term and supports her colleagues to do the same. To support school culture, Megan has designed a highly successful competition at Eagleby State School: the Multiplication Challenge, which was created in response to the need to enhance students’ mental recall. Congratulations Megan on your nomination.

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