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Michael Tubby

Biology students are achieving outstanding results thanks to a positive, proactive and collaborative Woodridge State High School (WSHS) teacher. Science and Biology teacher Michael Tubby has already led the trial of formative assessment strategies within WSHS’s Science faculty. Michael has been praised for his content knowledge, emotional intelligence and ability to deliver engaging lessons. Over 70 per cent of students at WSHS have English as an additional language or dialect and together, they represent 60 different nationalities. WSHS deputy principal Megan Landbeck says the school can be a complex environment to work in and Michael has developed a range of strategies in order to make a positive impact on student outcomes. “This is particularly evident in his Year 12 Biology class where 100 per cent of students are achieving an A to C,” Megan says. “Michael has worked with his peers to develop innovative Science curriculum to engage students in further education,” she says. “He takes every opportunity to build relationships with parents and carers and is recognised by students as a caring and enthusiastic educator.” Michael has also worked in partnership with other Science faculty staff to develop a Year 10 Science course to prepare students for whom English is an additional language or dialect. He has also participated in learning walks, peer observations and reflective conversations with peers and mentors, and has actively sought out professional development. “Michael has become a valued staff member,” Megan says. Congratulations Michael on your nomination.

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