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Morgan Berry

At Grand Avenue State School (GASS), teacher Morgan Berry has implemented the latest in research and teaching practices to lift the learning and achievements of her students. “Morgan uses Hollingsworth – Explicit Direct Instruction engagement norms to ensure her students are focussed in the classroom and their needs are met in various ways,” previous Deputy Principal at GASS and former supervisor, Sharyn Brown says.

In the past three years, Morgan has continued to grow and develop her teaching pedagogy, embedding new research and strategies that enhance her students learning experiences. She fosters a talk rich classroom and supports her students in owning their learning journey. Morgan uses ‘Bump It Up Walls’, showing real student examples and uses this actively in her lessons to promote assessment capable students. Each student in her class can articulate where they are and use the wall to set goals going forward. Morgan works with every student in her class to set learning goals, monitor progress and differentiates future learning experiences to ensure each student is supported completely. “One child went from Reading a PM 7 in Prep to a PM Reading level of 16 by the end of Term 1. This is but only one example of how Morgan knows her students and together sets goals to help support her students succeed and develop their abilities.” Sharyn says. Morgan makes her Year 1 classroom a fun and engaging place where all students are included and welcomed with a positive attitude. Her students “own” their classroom with their work proudly on display. Morgan ensures every student has access to all aspects of her class by researching and communicating with support networks. “When working with students with special needs, Morgan will consult with both the Head of Inclusion and the parents to fully understand the needs of the child and implement what is needed,” Sharyn says.  Morgan worked tirelessly to transform the Mathematics curriculum for Year 1 at GASS. She has shown great initiative in seeking advice and research to support her in creating new assessments which align with the Australian Curriculum and are inclusive of all learning styles. In just three years Morgan has devoted herself completely to teaching and nurturing students of all backgrounds. She enjoys sharing her knowledge, ideas and resources to promote student growth and achievement.  Congratulations Morgan on your nomination.

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