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Nada Zoric

Nada Zoric’s positive attitude and drive to teach innovatively to improve student learning is inspiring her colleagues at Labrador State School (LSS). Students have shown significant improvement as a result of the Year 4 teacher’s approach. LSS Head of Curriculum Marlene Kelly says Nada selects research and evidence-based pedagogical practices to improve the outcomes of every child in her class.

“Nada builds positive relationships with her students, so that she learns about how her students learn best, purposely choosing learning experiences that are differentiated, inclusive and supportive,” Marlene says. “Every student in Nada’s class knows and can articulate the next steps in their learning journey,” she says. Nada integrates information and communication technology in the classroom, and relates learning to real-life experiences when possible. Communication is one of her strengths. She has daily conversations with parents face-to-face and over the phone when needed. She also unites her teaching cohort team, ensuring they meet often to plan, collaborate and discuss innovative ways to improve teaching and learning. Marlene says Nada involves herself in school activities, which complements the strong relationships she has with parents and students. “Nada has brought professionalism, dedication, commitment and a positive attitude to our school,” Marlene says. Congratulations Nada on your nomination.

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