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Nicole Schirripa

Highly organised and dedicated, Nicole Schirripa may have only been teaching three years but she is already team leader for her teaching subjects, developing usage of digital technology and engaging more girls in technology at Meridan State College than ever before. The Information Technology / Business teacher comes from a career in IT and utilises her significant expertise to give authentic experiences for her students and implement relevant and engaging technology into her lessons and assessment. Students know there are real-world applications to lesson activities she methodically plans and Nicole continues to keep up-to-date via her network of professional contacts.

Nicole coordinates the school’s coding club, which is growing in numbers and encouraging more girls to take an interest in digital technologies. She is leading the development of Digital Solutions units and helping to redesign curriculum. Nicole also runs audio-visual facilities at major school events and hosts tutorial sessions to help students learn about technology. She is an active member with the professional network Queensland Society for Information Technology in Education (QSITE) that helps educators apply ICTs to the classroom. With QSITE and local robotics groups she seeks to support collective capacity in the region. “Nicole genuinely cares about her students and is just as concerned about their wellbeing as she is their learning. She builds relationships with students and their families and knows the individual learning needs of her students,” says IT Head of Department Stephen Reid. Congratulations Nicole on your nomination.

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