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Nikki Boyd

Nikki Boyd grew up around the area of Tully State School and is well known within the community where she now teaches a composite Prep/Year 1 class. Nikki is committed to meeting all the learning needs of her students in her composite class by adapting her planning to cater for different year levels in the curriculum.

“Nikki uses a range of effective pedagogical approaches, which have increased her students’ engagement, participation and love of learning,” said Principal Jennifer Sloane. She grabs the attention of her young students by using a variety of visuals, song and movement. In particular, she caters to a high volume of students who have English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D). Nikki’s class has the lowest reported behaviour incidents in the school and has one of the highest rates of attendance at 94 per cent. ​“My daughter is in Nikki’s class. My daughter began school not wanting to hold a pencil and is now independently spelling words and writing sentences. My daughter is constantly inspired to learn. Even though my daughter, along with other students, have already surpassed the Prep reading and maths goals, Nikki is constantly giving them new challenges and keeping their learning and engaging fun,” Year 3 teacher (and parent of one of Nikki’s students) Rebecca McLean says. Nikki opens up her classroom 20 minutes early for students and their families to settle and play in. Often students from past years pop in too. “Nikki always greets students and parents at the classroom door with a beaming, welcoming smile,” Rebecca says. She is constantly taking on and proactively seeking pedagogical feedback amongst peers, continuing professional development and implementing the latest research to her classroom practice to maximise student learning. “Nikki always works collaboratively and respectfully with her teaching peers. They value and appreciate her professionalism and support,” Principal Jennifer Sloane says. Last year Nikki was co-leader of a Digital Technologies team that introduced the subject to the school. In only her third year of teaching, Nikki is the school’s Mathematics Team Leader working with that team to develop and implement an updated school maths program. Judy Stipis, Head of Curriculum at the school stated, “Nikki’s high level of dedication and work in leading the Mathematics Team has resulted in positive changes and outcomes in both teacher pedagogical practices and student progress.” Participating in community events is also highly valued by Nikki. She participates in ANZAC Day marches and school fetes, attends school football games and encourages students performing at the local Carols by Candlelight. Congratulations Nikki on your nomination.

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