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Richard Tu

A Science teacher who incorporates news, current affairs and popular social topics into his lessons has made a “simply phenomenal” impact in his first 18 months as a teacher. Sheldon College teacher Richard Tu has been praised for his unwavering commitment to his own continuous improvement and building strong and productive relationships with students. Sheldon College Director of Academics Secondary, Jarrod Pleass, says Richard has made “an outstanding start to his teaching career”.

“Richard acquires brilliant relationships with his students and is able to pitch lesson delivery easily across the range of year levels he teaches,” Jarrod says. “He is able to recognise the critical differences and disparities in student learning, and can make learning experiences age-appropriate as needed,” he says. “For someone so early in their teaching career, this is an impressive skill to have already mastered. As a direct result of Richard’s teaching, he has experienced rapid growth and development in a large portion of his students.” The Biology, Chemistry and Science teacher is known for being “extremely hard-working”, “always well prepared”, “selfless” and “very diligent”. “He strives to have every student in his class foster a love for Science,” Jarrod says. “His contribution to the Science faculty is very evident and well-appreciated. For a teacher to have the amount of impact on a school at this stage of their career is simply phenomenal.” Richard also participates in the college’s co-curricular program as both a coach and representative staff member and attends important college events. Congratulations Richard on your nomination.

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