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Sandra Bayliss

Sandra Bayliss is one versatile educator and leader. Not only is Sandra a teacher of Art, Technology and Physical Education, she is Mercy College’s Teaching and Learning Coordinator, and is studying a Bachelor of Psychology – and she is excelling in all areas. With respect to her teaching, Sandra has demonstrated a comprehensive level of pedagogical content knowledge across a wide range of subject areas, which enables her to provide all-inclusive and challenging lessons.

Sandra knows all of her students and modifies the curriculum in order to suit their individual learning needs. As a result, her classroom is a stimulating and receptive space in which her highly engaged students receive regular feedback on their performance and are supported or challenged as necessary. Sandra’s lessons have a heavy focus on inquiry-based learning, which students appreciate immensely. Sandra is consistently seeking to develop her own practice further. She frequently submits herself to the scrutiny of her colleagues and provides recorded lesson segments for analysis by others. In her role as Teaching and Learning Coordinator, which is enhanced through her learning in her study, Sandra supports and directs improvement in teaching and learning across the college. She supports staff development in classroom practice through modelling good practice in her own classroom, and provides in-service sessions for staff on goal-setting and giving feedback. As a result, she has developed excellent professional relationships with all staff and has been instrumental in building up the school social club and hosting STEM events. Presently, Sandra will be moving to the role of Acting Head of Department – Inclusive Curriculum, which is a recognition of her excellent leadership to date. Congratulations Sandra on your nomination.

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