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Sienna Asanuma

​Effective teaching requires expertise, something that Sienna Asanuma does not lack, but nor does she want to stop growing it! Every day, Sienna’s Prep students are welcomed into a fruitful and stimulating learning environment. Their teacher believes they are incredibly brave for stepping up each day and so she ensures their learning environment is conducive to extending students’ learning.

Sienna draws from the Australian Curriculum and a vast range of pedagogies to craft stimulating learning experiences that are targeted, challenging, and scaffolded to ensure every student has a chance of success. As an expert in early childhood, Sienna is able to draw from her vast knowledge of the learning, physical and social-emotional needs of her young students. Sienna does not bring judgement to the classroom, and instead works with every student to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and improve their feelings of self-worth and competence. Sienna’s mastery in drawing on innovative practices, strong routines, excellent content and pedagogical knowledge is evident in her students’ achievement. Over the last three years, students reading results have consistently improved and most are able to write simple legible sentences before they reach year one. Sienna carefully analyses student data to improve her practice by informing her next steps. Students are happy to work with her to extend themselves because Sienna has instilled in them all a ‘growth mindset’. To continue to enhance her expertise and practice, Sienna participates in two school coaching sessions each week, which involve a personal learning project in any learning area and improving students ‘writing’ skills. With her open mindset, Sienna is confident and able to seek constructive feedback from staff about her work and issues she may be facing.  Sienna transforms Prep students into passionate learners and inspires them to be brave. She makes a significant impact on students’ lives every day. Congratulations Sienna on your nomination.

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