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Stefanie Bray

The practice of teaching is both an art and science. This concept is captured beautifully by Stefanie Bray’s practice in her Year 3 class at WoodLinks State School. Stefanie has been teaching for three years, but already is a highly skilled practitioner with a deep level of understanding of the students in her care and their individual and collective needs.

Stefanie considers each of her students to be a talented young individual, who requires appropriate and tailored learning experiences to help them learn and grow – and that is exactly what she provides. Stefanie draws from student data, NAPLAN data, and her own research to develop considered structured learning situations to ensure every individual student has desirable outcomes. She ensures lessons are engaging and presented in a way that allows her to maintain awareness of how students are progressing. Equally important to excellent practice in content delivery, is behaviour management. Stefanie has spent considerable time and effort in developing her own understanding of Positive Behaviours for Learning and draws from this approach to ensure a positive classroom environment is maintained. In addition, she is a member of the Positive Behaviour for Learning committee and is an internal coach. This has seen her support other teachers in the school to build their own skills in managing behaviour in the classroom. To support behaviour improvements, Stefanie has played an instrumental role in the creation of a safe space for students in their lunch break, which is where students can debrief with staff about their behavioural issues and any other concerns.  To ensure her practice is constantly expanding and developing, Stefanie has explored and implemented her own learnings about Growth Mindsets, Poverty and schooling in low-socioeconomic areas, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, Functional Behaviour Assessment and Classroom Profiling. A highly valued and respected member of staff, it is clear that WoodLinks State School is very fortunate! Congratulations on your nomination, Stefanie!

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