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Tegan Sutton

Tegan Sutton is an early career teacher at Canterbury College where, since her arrival, she has demonstrated the personal drive, professional knowledge and level of mastery of practice which has seen her grow into an effective and educative leader. Tegan teaches English and Spiritual Development at Canterbury College, but she is also the Year 8 Coordinator, which is a significant leadership role for a beginning teacher. It is in this pastoral role that Tegan has grown the most. Tegan uses her professional knowledge and research to develop a vision for collaborative professionalism amongst her team of Form Teachers that helps to improve student achievement and enhance student well-being. Her collaborative professionalism has helped to create a strong sense of solidarity amongst staff and Year 8 students, which is vital in the early years of high school. Tegan develops trusting and supportive educational relationships with students, parents and her colleagues through constant dialogue and candid feedback. In her role as Year Level Coordinator, she has successfully reduced bullying in the year level. It is likely this was the result of her Pastoral Care Program and Year 8 Camp. Tegan has been praised by her colleagues for her awareness of her strengths and weaknesses, and willingness to continually grow. Her innovative and creative approach to her professional practice is valued by parents, colleagues and students. Congratulations on your nomination, Tegan.

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