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Trevor Auer


Mathematics and Science teacher Trevor Auer’s contagious sense of fun and passion for learning have led him to become a specialist in reengaging Cairns State High School (CSHS) students in the critical final years of their schooling.

Executive Principal Christopher Zilm says Trevor’s affinity for the needs of students and his knowledge of curriculum have helped him make an impact.

“Trevor’s work with students, in classes working at a lower level than age expectation, is almost his speciality, with excellent results in Bridging Mathematics and lower level Junior Science and Maths classes,” Christopher says.

Trevor has coordinated and developed Pre-Vocational and Essential Mathematics programs in Years 11 and 12 at CSHS since 2005, working with teachers to make the curriculum aligned and engaging. To this end he has created lessons using STEM – teaching resources platform Stile for teachers and students to access across all Essential Maths units in both Senior year levels, Year 9 Maths and Year 7 Bridging Numeracy.

For the hot, humid months at the end of the year, Trevor implemented the fun ‘Working Well’ program enabling all Year 9 teachers to easily acknowledge the efforts of their students. Christopher reports the strategy has had a positive effect on students’ attendance, motivation and achievement.

Previously, Trevor developed a “Whole School” Award System at CSHS, which ran for many years, targeting Academic achievement, Effort and Behaviour each Term.

Trevor’s enthusiasm for teaching is evident and his students consistently show improvement.

In his senior classes, he sets high expectations and holds students accountable, resulting in outstanding achievements. His annual wellbeing and behaviour programs have led to consistent attendance levels and good behaviour.

Trevor is known for both his professionalism and his sense of humour which helps to boost morale amongst staff and students. At athletic events he works the scoring sheets, providing humorous information for all.

Since starting his teaching career in Catholic Education in 1979, Trevor has looked for opportunities to support students in their academic and personal development. To this end he has assisted with school-based Tae Kwon Do classes, organised and conducted camps for both junior school students and Indigenous boarders and coordinated a homework centre for Indigenous boarding students over many years.

In his capacity as a Year Coordinator in Catholic Education he organised parent/teacher events and many pastoral care activities, as well as being responsible for the daily pastoral and academic welfare of students.

Trevor has also mentored teams in Tournament of the Minds to develop their creative and problem-solving skills, built a pond for biology studies and assisted with props and sets in school musicals.

Trevor joins in discussions and takes on responsibilities, listens to and provides advice and has moved with the times, adopting new technology including Stileapp, Quizizz, Kahoot, Studyladder, Photoshop, Skype and Microsoft Teams, to name only a few. He has also created Excel spreadsheets (incorporating formulas) for teachers to more easily mark “open-ended” assignments.

“Trevor continues to maintain a positive view of life and a great sense of humour. He returns to the school each January filled with energy and focus. If there were someone I would seek to pair with a beginning teacher needing a steady yet positive influence, I would select Trevor,” Christopher says.

Congratulations Trevor on being shortlisted for the TEACHX Outstanding Contribution to Teaching Award.

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