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Bridget Mallory

Acting Head of Junior Mathematics

Park Ridge State High School

In 2017, Bridget Mallory decided to leave her successful accounting career in a multi-national firm and turn to teaching. She has not looked back since.

“My mum is a teacher, and I don’t know anyone who enjoys their job as much as she does, but now I too can relate to that feeling,” Bridget says.

Today, Bridget is making leaps and bounds in her teaching career at Park Ridge State High School, where she is already the Acting Head of Junior Mathematics and is a key member on the school’s social media team. Bridget also plays an important role on her school’s Positive Behaviour for Learning team, which she feels has been an integral part in building her behaviour management skills.

For Bridget, the best part of teaching is seeing a student have a ‘light bulb’ moment and knowing that she has been part of that student’s growing confidence and success. Bridget is passionate about making sure that each of her students achieves success, in whatever shape or form that may take.

This year has been challenging for teachers, and, like many teachers, Bridget has adopted a positive and flexible approach to the situation and taken the obstacles presented by COVID-19 in her stride. She explains that the shift to online teaching compelled her to identify different ways to engage her students, and that the whole experience ultimately assisted her to improve her practice.

Bridget plays a key role in the QBECT group, and we are thrilled to introduce her to you.

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