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Rebecca Sullivan

Mansfield State School

Rebecca Sullivan knew when she first stepped into the classroom as a pre-service teacher that she had found the profession for her. She has never looked back.

As a Year 2 teacher and a year-level leader, Rebecca is passionate about learning and takes immense pride in the successes of her students.

“This success looks different for every child, in every classroom, but whether students are writing their own name, writing a science report, or their own novel, the moment they realise they are a successful learner is undeniably the most rewarding feeling as a teacher,” Rebecca says

Rebecca is also committed to the professional growth and learning of her colleagues. As an Administrator of an Age Appropriate Pedagogies in Action Facebook page, which brings together over ten thousand professionals, Rebecca is able to facilitate professional collaboration amongst her colleagues in Australia and abroad.

Rebecca also cherishes the opportunities she has to supervise preservice teachers, and loves being able to support them as they develop and grow their skills as practitioners.

Rebecca has been an active contributor to the QBECT group and we are thrilled to introduce her to you.

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